A step-by-step guide to install Coloring book Plugin

If you own a WordPress or Static site, and its easy to add Colorgizer Coloring Book Plugin, and present a colorful experience to your site visitors. You can even let your audience to upload their own image, BYOD (Bring Your Own Drawings) and color themselves. Interested? read along, this blog provides a step-step-by guide about how to install the plugin.

WordPress Plugin

Check out the Plugin Pixobe Coloring Book, on WordPress for detailed instructions using this plugin.

  • Install and activate Pixobe Coloring Book plugin.
  • No settings page for the plugin, straight away use the short code anywhere on your blog or pages, multiple times.
  • Insert the short code [pixobecoloringbook src=“https://colorgizer.com/images/santa.jpg”] , on a page/blog to show coloring book pages.

Static sites

Copy the below snippet to your blog/page,that’s it.


 <script src="https://www.colorgizer.com/f/bundle.js" defer></script>

Check FAQ section for how to load different images, or enable upload options.


  1. How many times I can use the plugin on my blog/page? As many times as possible, it works without any issues.

  2. Does it slow down my website? Plugin as such will not impact your website performance in any way. Its very light weight and consumes very less memory. check this link Plugin Test for further details.

  3. How can I load different images for coloring. By changing the image url in the html code <pixobe-coloring-book src="https://colorgizer.com/images/coloring/peppa-cycle.jpg"></pixobe-coloring-book>

  4. How can I let my viewers upload images ? Do not pass any thing in image src. <pixobe-coloring-book></pixobe-coloring-book>

Support Details

For any kind of assistance using this plugin, please feel free to reach out to me on email@pixobe.com and I will get back as soon as possible.

Thank you for using the Colorgizer Plugin